> Corry Group

Ben Corry

Associate Professor
ARC Future Fellow

Research School of Biology
The Australian National University (Bldg 134)
Canberra ACT 0200

Phone: +61 2 6125 0842
Fax: +61 2 6125 0313
Email: ben.corry@anu.edu.au

Location: Room 2.028, Linnaeus Building

Qualifications: BA BSc PhD ANU

Lab members

Amanda Buyan

Postdoc. Understanding sodium channel inhibition

Juan Jose Nogueira Perez


Prapasiri Pongprayoon

Visiting Scholar. Antibiotic transport in bacterial porins

Nishank Shah

PhD student. Inhibition of amino acid transporters (joint with Broer Lab)

Thimithi Kalatunga

Honours student. Sodium channel inhibitors

Matthew Coates

Honours student. Sodium channel inhibitors

Suyan Yee

Honours student. Plant enzyme inhibitors (joint with Pogson Lab)

Aidan Smyth

Undergraduate research student.

Theo le Monkey

Mascot. Often seen at conferences, but rarely at work in the lab.

Former Members:

Alex Joule Undergraduate Research Student
Cynthia Turnbull Undergraduate Research Student
Delin Sun Postdoc (now at University of Maryland)
Natalie Smith PhD Student / Postdoc (now at Department of Environment)
Zhongjin He Visiting PhD Student (now at National University of Singapore)
Siri Søndergaard PhD Student (now at University of Aarhus)
Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc PhD Student (now at Wels, Austria)
Lewis Martin Honours Student / Research Assistant (now at Sydney Uni)
Joe Kaczmarski Undergraduate Research Student
Stephanie Jones Undergraduate Research Student
Michael Thomas PhD student / Postdoc (Now at ANU Chemistry)
Rebecca Chao Summer Scholar
Evelyne Deplazes PhD Student (Now at University of Queensland / Curtin University)
Alexandra Nemkevich PhD Student
Laura Richards Visiting PhD Student (Now at University of Manchester)
John Hannagan iVEC summer intern
Chen Song Postdoc (Now at Oxford University / Peking University)
Prithwish Pal Postdoc (Now at Invivoscribe Technologies, San Diego)

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