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Welcome to thetaFRET

thetaFRET is a program designed to help determine the likely FRET efficiency you would expect between any number of fluorophores when their orientations are constrained. It assumes that the fluorophores are able to move freely within a cone. You supply the position of the fluorophores, their average orientation and the cone angle, and it will return the likely FRET efficiency under either a dynamic or static averaging regime. For further details see the userguide .

For a more general program to use in cases where you know R0 and are not worried about constrained orientations, see exiFRET .

thetaFRET is developed in the Corry Research Group at the Australian National University.

To run the program simply enter the required input parameters in the form below and click on the "Run thetaFRET" button. The output of the program will be displayed below. You can also download the calculated FRET efficencies as a text file.

Input Parameters

Coordinate file name. See user guide for details
n_configurations: The number of different orientational configurations of the fluorphores to average
n_excitons: The number of excitons (photons) to simulate interacting with each test configuration
R0: The Forster distance of the donor / acceptor pair assuming κ2 = 2/3

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