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This program is closely related to exiFRET , a program designed for interpreting FRET with multiple fluorophores in complex geometries. The difference is that exiFRET assumes that you know the effective R0 value, as would be the case if you were assuming free rotation on the fluorophores, while this one allows for fluorophores to have restricted orientations. exiFRET assists in the generation of complex coordinates of fluorphores to be generated, while this program assumes that you can input the position and mean orienations of the fluorphores.

Please cite the following publication when publishing results that were obtained with the thetaFRET program.

  • Evelyne Deplazes, Dylan Jayatilaka and Ben Corry, ExiFRET: A flexible tool for understanding FRET in complex geometries, J Biomed Optics, 17: 011005, 2012. online manuscript

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