Tools for interpreting FRET data

ExiFRET is a web based tool to determine the FRET efficiency for complex arrangements of fluoropores including those with multiple donors and acceptors.

thetaFRET is a web based tool to help understand FRET when fluorophores have constrained orientations.

publication describing exifret and thetafret

HandyFRET is a packet of scripts making use of simple methods to account for dye diffusion and orientation during FRET data interpretation.

Tools for measuring FRET efficiency

FRETTY is an ImageJ plugin for determining FRET efficiencies using spectral unmixing of both excitation and emisison spectra. This can be used to directly account for direct excitation of acceptor fluorophores and bleed through of donor emission into the acceptor channel.
        The actual Plugin (jar format) Bugs fixed 7 July 2014
        User guide (pdf format)
        example video basic use. (avi format) Smaller version
        example video with spectral correction. Smaller version
        example images to allow you to try it out
        open access publication describing the method
        The Jama package needed for newer versions of ImageJ is an ImageJ plugin for calculating FRET for a ROI using acceptor photobleaching. Plugin for pixel by pixel FRET analysis using acceptor photobleaching. Minor variation on the program of David Stepensky

Tools for analysis of NMR data

NMR 2D analysis ImageJ plugin for opening multiple experiments, analysing and integrating peaks in 2D NMR spectra.
        User guide for NMR 2D analysis
        Bruker opener files in case required - see user guide
        publication describing the method. supp info